Unfiltered & Unknown.

(Book 2 in the Unfiltered series)

By Payge Galvin & Lynne Jaymes

… Dillon Varga has always craved the spotlight. Now, with his newfound riches, he jumps at the chance to leave his troubled past behind and take a shot at his future. With his best friend Savanah Miller by his side, the two hit the neon lights of Las Vegas for a chance at a spot on the hit TV show American Voice.  As they both move up in the singing competition, feelings surface between them that make both singers wonder if there might be more to life than just fame and fortune. Together they'll have to dodge the perils of celebrity judges, sexy competitors, and the truth about the past to find the one thing they desire most -- each other.

On sale February 14, 2014

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Unfiltered & Unsaved.

(Book 3 in the Unfiltered series)

By Payge Galvin & Bridgette Luna

Hope just wants some peace and quiet and spiritual space when she walks into her favorite coffee shop. What she takes away is a dreadful secret that preys on her mind, driving her away from the comfort of her faith and into the arms of Elijah, a handsome drifter with a ready smile out to sell her investments. But Elijah has a secret too: he answers to a dangerous boss bent on getting his hands on Hope’s blood money. She may have put her faith in the wrong man … or the only one who can help her do the right thing. ​On sale March 14, 2014


Unfiltered & Unhinged.

(Book 4 in the Unfiltered series)

By Payge Galvin & Jane Lukas

On sale April 14, 2014


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Unfiltered & Undone.

(Book 5 in the Unfiltered series)

By Payge Galvin & Kasey Wolfe

On sale May 1, 2014 *****Special early release!!!

Unfiltered & Unraveled.

(Book 6 in the Unfiltered series)

By Payge Galvin & Danni Pleasance

On sale May 14, 2014