1. Before ​UNDAUNTED, there was an experimental series (the Unfiltered series) written & independently published by a group of friends under pseudonyms.

​2. UNDAUNTED is not part of that series.​ (Neither is UNRULY, which comes out in Feb 2016).  All of my "Ronnie books" (incl the one in Unfiltered) are influenced by my years of running a biker bar & dating tattooists though. 

3. Some of the Unfiltered authors revealed ourselves in RT MAGAZINE in May 2015. 

4. NOTHING we said during our tweets, bios, or interviews as our pseudonyms was untrue. We simply omitted our names and that we were published previously. 

5. You may also ​know me as NYT Bestselling (& RITA winning) author Melissa Marr. I opted to write my New Adult books as Ronnie Douglas because a) I wanted to experiment with being a debut author again AND b) I write kids books, typically fantasy, and liked the idea of anonymity.  

6. My books for elementary and middle school ​kids are also under a pseudonym (M.A. Marr).

7. The UNFILTERED SERIES​ has three core books--Unlawful (mine), Undone, & Uncensored--that tell the overall mystery.  The other NINE books are a la cart stories (i.e. they all stand alone). 

8. Part of the experiment in Unfiltered was not only sharing a world, but we shared EQUAL OWNERSHIP of every book.  That means that if any book succeeds more (as some do), every Unfiltered author gets an equal share of that book's success.  It was a 100% collaborative project (one I'm discussing  on a panel at RT Convention in Dallas TX May 2015).  Some of us went on to write more under our "secret identities," self-publish under our own names, or simply just enjoyed doing a project with our sisters. Some friends go to the spa together, we embarked on a yearlong project, publishing a book every month.